Suvla is a family owned wine producer and viticulture company located in Eceabat by the Çanakkale Strait -Dardanelles on the historical Peninsula of Gallipoli. Suvla is named after a bay in the north coast of the Aegean Sea in Turkey, close to family vineyard Bozokbağ. In this region, famous with it's history, the relationship between vines and soil is going on for centuries.

Suvla pursues to produce wines of subtle, rich in character with elegant and exquisite finish to complement extensive range of dishes. These wines reveal its spectacular geography and a land full of history.

Focusing on quality and working with specialized team and the latest sophisticated infrastructure, Suvla winery processes high quality grapes incorporating state-of the-art technology and knowhow. The modern style winery houses a facility of traditional olive oil mill as well as producing natural agricultural products. A wide Suvla Wine Etc. concept shop presents all the labels of the winery and the natural products for the visitors. Furthermore, the concept shop includes a fascinating restaurant and a tasting bar for our clients to enjoy the tasting menu with perfectly matched wines.

By being a young brand which was launched in 2012, Suvla is awarded by over 250 medals in several national and international wine contests. Suvla Wines have young premium, premium and ultra premium labels to satisfy different tastes. Around 30 labels of whites, roses and reds are placed in the markets with enthusiasm by the public.

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