Suvla Grand Reserve Roussanne-Marsanne 2011, is selected as one of the best three white wines in the world

Decanter Magazine: “This trophy was a lovely surprise: delicious, opulent and rounded, with a perfectly executed balance of  the two grapes – enough to make a northern Rhone producer jealous.

Smoky ginger lightly cinnamon-spiced apple and pear aromas with a touch of quince and green walnut. Pear crumble and salted almond notes on a fine-tuned palate of rounded yellow plums and lemon drops. Excellent.”

In one of the world’s most respected and influential wine competition- Decanter Magazine’s Decanter World Wine Awards 2012* (DWWA), 200 wine merchants, sommeliers, journalists and authors including 54 Masters of Wine and 11 Master Sommeliers, took part in a week of judging. 47 countries sent wines to the Awards. 14,119 wines tasted. During the judging process the very best wines are awarded a Gold Medal. These are then re-tasted against others in their Regional Category to determine the Regional Trophy winners - the best of their region, a very significant achievement. Only when wines have been awarded this prestigious award are they pitted against grape varieties from around the world, to determine the winners of the highly sought-after International Trophies.

Suvla Grand Reserve Roussane-Marsanne 2011 is awarded by "regional trophy". In white wine category, the regional trophy medal is unique in Turkey. Ultimately challenge continued in international basis for the competition's top wines. In the presentation gala dinner in Royal Concert Hall of London, when the short list was announced,Grand Reserve Roussane-Marsanne 2011 was one of the 3 white wines in the list. The others in the list were very strong French wines of Rhone and Bordeaux regions.

As a new and young winery, Suvla was appreciated so much in England being selected as one of the 3 most succesful white wines in the world and received very good comments. Suvla is highly motivated to observe the enthusiasm of wine lovers which are looking forward to our new releases.

Suvla awards:


*The Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) is an international wine competition established and managed by Britain’s Decanter wine magazine. Over 200 wine merchants, sommeliers, journalists and authors including 54 Masters of Wine and 11 Master Sommeliers, took part in a week of judging in April 2012. With 14,119 wines tasted this is the largest entry ever for the Decanter World Wine Awards, now in its 9th year. 47 countries sent wines to the Awards.

Each year, many hundreds of wines are submitted for review by the DWWA, all of which must undergo a preliminary assessment before they are put forward to the official stages. The wines are judged by multiple panels, each chaired by a regional or category specialist. The judging team, of hundreds, is picked from a broad spectrum of disciplines including winemakers, retailers and wine writers. Decanter’s own writers – notably Andrew Jefford and Spurrier himself – take part in the judging, as do regional specialists such as Tom Stevenson, Jim Budd, Gerard Basset and 'Wine Doctor' Chris Kissack.








Decanter World Wine Awards, Londra 2012